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Where can I buy your products ?

Where can I buy Bloc Cellier storage units ?

  • We sell our range of products ex-factory throughout France. You can order them on our web site or by calling (+33) (0)2 99 72 35 34.
  • We also have a number of local dealers: see our “Contacts” page.

Can I order your products from outside France ?

  • For deliveries in France, you can order on our website, wherever you live.
  • For deliveries abroad, please contact one of our dealers as listed on the “Contacts” page.
  • If the delivery is in a country where we do not currently have a dealership, we can send you a quote for the order and delivery of our products (minimum quantity: one whole pallet, meaning 30 Standard Bloc Cellier units). Just send us the delivery address and post code and the quantity you want to order.


I don’t want to pay online. What other means of payment can I use ?

You can pay by:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • By phone, by calling (+33) (0)2 99 72 35 34

Please note: We will only deal with your order once we have received payment.


02 October 2015 Studio Goliath