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Bloc Cellier technical data

What are our storage units made of ?

Bloc Cellier units are entirely made of natural materials and contain no damp-sensitive materials like wood, and no recycled materials, polystyrene, resins or other synthetic bonding agents. Bloc Cellier units are made of reconstituted stone and are robust, rot-resistant and come in two different finishes :

  • Red Earthenware unit: Made from red clay, this elegant unit will add a touch of warmth and colour to your wine cellar. It is lighter than the White Limestone unit and can be assembled quickly and easily in your wine cellar.
  • White Limestone unit: The storage unit is made from Dordogne limestone, which enhances the strength and elegance of its vaulted design. Set off by natural daylight or artificial lighting, these white limestone storage units will highlight your prize vintage bottles.

Why are our units only 20 cm deep ?

  • Because the contact surface (the part resting on a horizontal plane) of a Bordeaux wine bottle is only 18 cm at the most, and less than 14cm for a Burgundy bottle! A 20 cm depth is therefore more than enough to make sure that bottles are stable.
  • Because only in ‘professional-type’ storage, where bottles are laid down ‘head to tail’, do you need a depth of at least 40cm (see illustration on our site showing double stacking), which can be achieved with two rows of Blocs Cellier units.
  • Because smaller means lighter units, easier to install.
  • Because it is easier to handle the bottles.

Do our units provide good insulation ?

  • No ‘open’ storage unit, even made of polystyrene, can provide insulation for your wine bottles. Think of a refrigerator with its door left open!
  • It is the quality of your cellar’s insulation that will ensure that your wine matures well. See the “Installing your wine cellar” section. No storage unit, however well insulated it may pretend to be, can compensate for high cellar temperatures.
02 October 2015 Studio Goliath