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Design your wine cellar with our configurator


  • Our wine cellar configurator is very easy to use and enables you to visualise your wine cellar, based on its dimensions and how you want to fit it out. You can add or delete storage unit models, change the finish, print or save your design plan in your own personal space, calculate and edit quantities and the corresponding quote, and all with no commitment whatsoever on your part. You can return to your design project at any time or create a new one.

How it works

  • Just follow the step by step instructions. All you need to do is fill in the information at each stage (but you can return to the previous stage at any time), save your design project and return to it later, or create several projects to compare what they look like.
  • Stage 1: Describing your room: Enter the dimensions of the room: height, length, width. Click on the walls where you want to install the storage units. Add any obstacles on each wall (doors, ventilation ducts, windows, etc.). The design possibilities will be visualised as you enter the information.
  • Stage 2: Creating a wall assembly: Select the wall, choose the colour of your Bloc Cellier units and design your wine cellar by dragging and dropping the storage unit models required against the wall: just click on the unit, hold and drag the unit to the wall). Storage units cannot be placed in the red areas. To remove a unit, just click on it and drag it away from the wall.
  • Stage 3: Implementing your design project: When you have finished, this page will display your entire wine cellar configuration. You can download the PDF for your project, with the details for each wall and an overall summary. You can also calculate the cost for each project (remember to empty the basket beforehand).
05 October 2015 Studio Goliath