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Taking accurate measurements

Taking measurements

  • Determining the height of your Bloc Cellier unit assembly. All Bloc Cellier unit models are 40 cm wide and 20 cm deep. Only the height varies. Work out the best possible combination according to the height of your room or cellar. The total height of your assembly will be equal to the sum of the heights of all the stacked units + 4cm (as the last arch will not be interlocked with another Bloc Cellier unit).
  • For example, if your wall is made up of three Standard units plus one 2/3 unit, the total height will be: (52 cm x 3)(standard units) + 34 cm (2/3rds unit) + 4 cm (last arch) = 194 cm

Fitting out your cellar with our wine cellar configurator

  • With our wine cellar configurator, a few clicks are all you need to optimize the use of your cellar space, calculate the type and number of units required, work out the cost and save your results. You can return to your design project at any time or create another.
  • Click on the following link to try it out: Wine cellar configurator.


My cellar floor is not level: what can I do ?

  • If your cellar floor is not level, spread a layer of sand and level it out with an aluminium screed and a spirit level. If your cellar is damp, simply add a bit of cement to the sand (without adding water), so the mix will set.       If the cellar floor is not flat or firm enough, you need to create a small concrete base (30 cm wide and 5 to 10 cm thick depending on the floor).


05 October 2015 Studio Goliath