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Installing our products

How easy are they to install ?

  • Bloc Cellier units are ready to use. The units are easy to assemble on any flat base, thanks to their unique interlocking vaulted design, with a lower arch that fits perfectly over the upper arch of the unit below.
  • If your cellar floor is not level, spread a layer of sand and level it out with an aluminium screed and a spirit level. If the cellar floor is not flat or firm enough, you need to create a small concrete base (30 cm wide and 5 to 10 cm thick depending on the floor).

How high can Bloc Cellier units be stacked ?

  • There is not limit, as long as the unit assembly is stable; but don’t forget it isn’t easy to choose a bottle 2.40 m (8ft) off the ground!
  • On a flat base, Bloc cellier units are perfectly stable and can easily be stacked to wall height.
  • If you don’t think the units are stable enough (due to levelling problems, etc.) you can always glue them together with a polyurethane stone or concrete glue found in any DIY store. Simply put a blob of glue on each corner of the Bloc Cellier units before stacking. The units will then be firmly assembled. However, this is rarely needed and usually only used for the last row or end column of Bloc Cellier units. This will not prevent you from pulling the units apart again if you need to one day. In extreme cases, the end units can be secured to the wall with angle brackets.

Can different types of unit be assembled on the same wall ?

  • The Bloc Cellier range comprises four different models (“Standard” – “Super” – “2/3” and “Mini”). As they are all the same width (40 cm) and depth (20 cm), you can assemble them according to how you want to sort your wines or simply because it looks attractive.



A wall combining Bloc Cellier Standard units and a few 2/3 units and Super units can look very effective:






You can also combine different models to follow the contour of a vaulted cellar.




Why choose a “double-row” assembly ?


A double-row assembly is what professionals use for ‘head-to-tail’ bottle storage. That way, you can store a lot more bottles. This is achieved by assembling two identical Bloc Cellier units. You then get the 40 cm depth you need for this kind of professional storage.




casier-bouteilles-blanc-cave-pose-doubleIt is easier to handle two 20 cm deep units than one with a depth of 40 cm! And 25 cm or 30 cm deep units do not allow this kind of storage method.

02 October 2015 Studio Goliath