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Temperature and Air humidity

What is the ideal temperature for maturing wine ?

  • The ideal temperature is between 10° and 14°C and must be as stable as possible. It’s not a problem if your cellar temperature goes from 10°C in winter to 16°C in summer: what is really harmful for maturing wine is a rapidly changing temperature due to poor cellar insulation.
  • If the cellar is too cool, it will slow down the maturing process. If it is too warm, it will speed up the process and the wine will not keep as long.

What is the ideal air humidity for a wine cellar?

  • A really dry atmosphere is bad for wine as this causes corks to shrink, resulting in oxidation.
  • A damp cellar is only bad for your bottle labels, which might come unstuck, and for the outside appearance of the bottles, but dampness does not affect the quality of the wine itself, as long as there are no bad smells.
  • For example, the Montlouis wine cellars on the banks of the River Loire are carved out of the rock and saturated with humidity (you can even see limestone stalactites and stalagmites in these cellars).
  • The ideal air humidity level is between 70 and 75%.

05 October 2015 Studio Goliath