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Mini 8-bottle red clay wine rack

The Mini 8-bottle red clay wine rack is half the height of a Standard or Super wine rack. Only 26.5 cm in height, it can be used to round off a cellar wall installation where other wine racks in the Bloc Cellier range would be too high. Weighing only 12kg, it is even easier to install.

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Like all the other products in the Bloc Cellier wine rack range, the Mini 8-bottle red clay wine rack is lightweight, rot-resistant and ready to use.

Installing our wine racks

The Mini 8-bottle red clay wine rack can be stacked on top of other wine racks in the range, such as the 12-bottle wine rack, the standard 19-bottle wine rack and the Super 23-bottle wine rack.

Bloc Cellier bottle wine racks are modular, ready to use cellar furnishings, usable as standalone wine racks or combined with other products in our range. They can be assembled without any tools or materials. Simply stack them one on top of the other on a flat base.

For further information and installation suggestions, see our installing our wine racks page.

Make the most of our 19 years of experience :

We can draw on 19 years of experience fitting out private and commercial wine cellars, to show you some of the best examples of wine cellar design on our implementations page. These can be a source of inspiration in designing your own storage space to lay down your finest wines.

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